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Priceless Coffee Table Book


Priceless Custom Cards™ are not just a small piece of printed paper our unique card designs has lots of importance. When personalized they express love, affection, care and more emotions to friends and family members like no other. Our cards provide a classy way to express feelings towards the receiver in the most appropriate way. The modern world might have gotten use to other communication mediums such as sms, email, chat etc. However, personalization means everything to us. Sending one of our ultra-exclusive greeting cards is Priceless.

The Priceless Custom Cards™ coffee table book was created to inspire conversation and to compel anyone who might pick up the book to think about making someone’s day a little brighter, by giving them an ultra-exclusive personalized card. Priceless cards are witty, playful and most of all unique they give customers a sense of identity. They cease being one of the masses and instead become an individual with unique wants and needs.

This new model of luxury greetings blossomed into existence because Ron believe consumers deserve the best. The new book is a compilation of designs by Ron Johnson, reflecting his life. No matter what any day brings Ron finds something positive to look forward to, and this is reflected in the new 76-page 12 x 12 Priceless Custom Card™ coffee table book.

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