Cherishing The Moments


Priceless personalized luxury greetings were initially created solely for family members. Ron Johnson, the founder came up with the idea because like everyone else he to shopped for standard cookie cutter cards. Feeling pressured by not finding that card that said it all he still purchased what he considered a sub-par card because nothing else was available.


The idea came when a family member commented about a card she received from Ron, calling it impersonal and said it lacked thought because it was the sentiments of someone who didn’t know her.

When others started inquiring about personalized cards of their own Ron, fashioned Priceless Custom Cards™, ultra-exclusive personalized luxury greetings to bring something new and exciting to the greeting card scene.


Priceless ultra-exclusive greeting cards were designed to upend the old school model and shift the paradigm of how personalized greetings are viewed.

Our objective was to change consumer habits when it comes to thinking they must settle for less.. This is the foundation upon which the Priceless brand exist. Every card in the collection is personally designed by Ron Johnson, who decided to use a series of personal life events to encourage, motivate, inspire and bring joy through greeting cards. The Priceless collection was fashioned from the hopeless and joyful recollections of his life while growing up in the hard nose streets in the now infamous Altgeld Gardens housing projects on the south side of Chicago, and sunny Arizona, a place he now calls home.

Because Ron trusted in faith when life seemed hopeless, he is passionate about the attention to detail customers seek. Therefore, Priceless greetings are meticulously designed to become a part of consumers lives when personalized with their image and personal message to deliver everlasting memories of life’s celebrations and giving consumers something to cherish. Priceless Custom Cards™ offers over 150 personalized luxury greetings for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversary’s, Congratulations, Sympathy, Announcements, Get Well Soon, Shower / Wedding Invites, Save The Date to Everyday Hero cards and exclusive made to order Bespoke cards. "Priceless Custom Cards™, The best or nothing."